We are present in two states of Mexico:


Central Office Tel:
(921) 218-5434

Albergue “La Posada de Belén”:
(921) 212-0004

Casa Catalina:
(921) 212-2642

Mapachapa, Minatitlan Tel:
(922) 222-7445

In the diocese of Coatzacoalcos in southern Veracruz, we have several works: children’s soup kitchens, a school for children lacking basic educational opportunities, attention to women and families in precarious condition, rural dental clinics , shelter “La Posada Belén,” near the Hospital, Casa Catalina shelter and Youth/Vocation Ministry.


Tel:(448) 170-6148 (San Ildefonso)
Tel: (442) 224-0573 (Querétaro)
Tel: (442) 212-5681 (Querétaro)
Email: voluntaria_spjc@hotmail.com

In the city of Querétaro and in the town of San Ildefonso, we work with Otomi Indian women and their children in projects that help them gain a more dignified life.

The Education Center, the children’s soup kitchens, Casa Catalina, in Coatzacoalcos, and the works with Women and Children in San Ildefonso are considered within the non-profit charitable association, “Obras de Catalina, AC,” The shelter “Albergue La Posada de Belén, is included in Albergue “La Posada de Belén, AC” The Rural Dental clinic has its own foundation.