Benefactors - Donations

“We give thanks to God for you, without ceasing:” (1 Cor. 1,4) It is thanks to your continued generosity that we are able to minister to so many poor and needy people in Mexico.

If you would like to donate money or in-kind donations (foodstuffs, materials, etc.) we suggest that you contact directly the Sister or PHJC house responsible for this ministry. If you would like to deposit donations in our bank account, it is essential that you clarify the process with the person responsible by phone or e-mail.

DONATION FROM THE UNITED STATES: Visit the web page: click “How to Help” then “On-line donations”. In addition to the personal information requested, select “International” and in the box “Specific Instructions” write Mexico and the work you wish to support.

DONATION FROM EUROPE OR OTHER COUNTRIES: Visit the web page Choose desired language. Click “Support us”. Follow the instructions in “Supporting the Mission”.


Tel: (921)21-854-34


Tel: (448) 170-6140 (San Ildefonso)
Tel: (442) 224-0573 (Queretaro- Casa de la Visitación)

Most of our works are considered within the non-profit charitable association, "Obras de Catalina, AC," except for the shelter La Posada de Belén”, which is included in "La Posada de Belén, AC" (See the attached website link) and the program for women and kids in the city of Querétaro.